Wellness Workshops

Customizable Workshops

Interactive 1-hour long sessions that educate your employees with the latest research, information and techniques on a variety of health and wellness topics. Uses a variety of techniques for all learning styles. All session created and facilitated by Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Some topics include:

  • Healthy Eating & Nutrition
  • Active Living & Fitness
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Stress Management

Popular Sessions:

Health Hacks For Busy People: How to live your best life when you don’t have a lot of time

Ditch The Cravings, Release the Weight: overcoming cravings takes more than willpower

How to decode food labels and spend less time at the grocery store

EXAMPLE OF WHAT AE SIGNED UP FOR: Stress Management in a Moment – ** Also available in a 30-minute format

An important first step in a personal stress relief plan is to have one or two quick stress relief strategies that can help you relax your body or de-stress your mind in order to reverse your body’s stress response so that you can think clearly and avoid the negative effects of chronic stress.  This fun and highly interactive seminar explore the different types of stress and intervention strategies. It offers coping skill development through a series of personal stress reducing activities that can be accomplished in 1-minute. These stress relief activities, once mastered, should enable you to de-stress quickly so that you can move on with renewed clarity and energy.

Get a free Lunch and Learn with every 8 fitness classes purchases.  A $250 value.

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