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I started teaching fitness classes at Maple Grove United Church back in 2014.  I took over from a wonderful instructor named Dorothy who was about to retire.  Two years later Beverly join me – which originally was just to cover my maternity leave but we loved her so much we begged her to stay.

Yoga being my first love, we’ve since added two yoga classes to our schedule – Chair Yoga on Wednesday mornings and Mat Yoga on Fridays.

Below are some beautiful love notes from our students, many of whom had been with us since the beginning.  We’ve of course picked up a few more since then.  We’re so grateful for our wonderful group.

Learn more about Leah and Beverly – your Maple Grove Fitness + Yoga instructors.

Having a chance to see all the familiar faces on a weekly basis helps to keep me feeling connected to a group of great ladies.  And I can’t say enough about Leah, she brings us all together in a warm welcoming way, making each and everyone one of us feel special.

I find on the days I go to exercise I have more energy.  And I always look forward to Bev’s jokes at the end of class.

I find the gentle poses and stretches have been helping my lower back pain which has been plaguing me for the last few years….and, of course, your positive cheerful manner makes this class most enjoyable!

I would say that I enjoy my yoga time.  It is a time for me to just be…..  I use the breathing in my everyday life when things just get a little too much.  I enjoy the stretches, makes me feel young again and the different poses, some more challenging than others, keep me coming back for more.  

It does not matter how inactive you have been try the SitFit – it is helpful and the group is fun to be with.

I joined both your yoga classes this session so I could help prepare my body for my upcoming surgery.  I knew that if I was stronger, I would recover a lot faster this time.

The classes make us feel that we are doing something for our older bodies, and we can see the good that they are doing for us.

I really enjoy the gentle nature of your Wednesday Zoom (chair yoga) class….it is a wonderful way to greet the day! I like the fact that I can simply get dressed, head downstairs, link into the class and join in to your yoga class in the comfort of my home without rushing out the door, into the car and driving somewhere. 

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without your classes… they have made all the difference to my surgery recovery and general outlook throughout the pandemic.


I just want to thank both of you for your dedication to our fitness classes.  It is your enthusiasm and constant words of encouragement that keep me going and make me get up to attend the classes.  Thank you so much!

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