We all have good intentions.  Whether we are new to exercise or wanting to attend our first class, starting something new is daunting.  It’s human nature to stay with what’s simple and easy: the routine you already have.  Do you know what I often say at the beginning of class?  The most challenging thing is to just show up!!!  Everything else…that’s the easy part believe me.

What to bring with you.

Water! Water! Water!  I cannot emphasis this enough.  Even if you HATE water you need to bring liquids with you because you may sweat (gasp!) and you need to replace lost fluids.  A pair of running shoes.  Now if you are new to exercise please bring anything that you have the resembles a running shoe.  BUT if you do plan on attending regularly (I hope you do!) I encourage you to go out and get yourself a nice pair of exercise shoes.  What you put on your feet matters and prevents injury.  And bring a towel if you are someone that sweats.  I am….

How to dress.

See my above note on shoes.  My best advice is to dress in layers:  have a pullover on top with a t-shirt or tank underneath.  You may find the room cooler at the beginning and at the end of the class.  Joggers, yoga pants or short will do with lower area.  Most people wear pants but it’s a personal preference.

How many people attend these class?

At Maple Grove United Church I limit my classes sizes to 12 for yoga and 14 for exercise.  At the rec centres there could be as many as 24 people per class.  At Life Yoga Studio class size max at 12-14 students per class.

New to exercise: where should I stand?

Most newbies hide in the back because they are worried about making a fool of themselves.  Trust me no one really notices anyone else because they are too worried about their own self.  It’s a personal choice where you want to stand in the class and I’m totally ok if you want to blend in the back.  I’m just saying you might see better in the front especially in one of the larger classes.

Anything else I should know?

Ideally arrive to class with five to ten minutes to spare that way you can be relax and ready to go.  This is especially important in yoga.  And if you are new to exercise class please touch base with me at the beginning.  It helps me tailor the class better.

Are you ready to get started?  Check out the current schedule.