That time I appeared on CHCH Morning Live!  Click the link to watch my LIVE segment on CHCH Morning Live with Annette Hamm talking three exercises you can do at home using a chair.  These exercises are geared for older adults and seniors, however, they can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels.  Who doesn’t have access to a chair?

I was able to convince one of my real-life students Norma to join me for this segment (thank you so much Norma!).  Funny story about my relationship with Norma.  She has been coming to my classes at Iroquois Ridge for a few years now.  We hit it off immediately.  What we didn’t know until one of my former childhood neighbours made the connection is that Norma lives on the same street I lived in for my first five years of my life.  She still talks to my dad (we moved only 5 minutes away from our old house so they often run into each other at the grocery store, etc.).  We obviously didn’t make the connection at first because I was so young when I knew her and obviously changed a bit.

Small world!