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Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

Something unusual happened in my house…. we put up our Christmas tree early November. To be clear we’re usually the type of people that don’t even think about Christmas until December 1st but my husband decided to take advantage of a day home with sick kids and do something productive.

And truthfully I’m kind of enjoying having the tree up and all that comes with it (stockings, soft Christmas music playing at night and diffusing holiday oils). I’m loving easing into Christmas this year but is it too early for the rest of the world to talk about Christmas?


Important dates for your calendar:

Wednesday December 7th – First date to register for Town of Oakville Winter session opens virtually at 7am. I will send out all the direct links to the programs I teach once they go live.

The week of December 12th – Last week of classes – both Maple Grove Fitness and Town of Oakville programs.

Wednesday December 21st – Maple Grove Fitness Christmas Party. This is open to anyone who attended the church programs in 2022.

The week of January 9th – Winter session starts for both Maple Grove and Town of Oakville programs.