I had the opportunity to test out one of the most popular natural joint pain remedies recently.  There are so many on the market so how do you know which ones work?  Or if they work at all?

Joint pain and stiffness can be quite crippling.  It’s the number one thing my students complain about in class and can take them away from the enjoyment (yes enjoyment) of exercise regularly.  One of the most popular ones on the market is Genuine Health’s pain relief products.  They guarantee that you will start noticing a decrease of pain in as little as 5 days.  I’m already a huge fan of the Genuine Health company, which is famous for their Greens+ line.

Why natural joint pain remedies verse pharmaceutical?

Here’s the main the difference between the two: pharmaceutical will treat the symptoms, which is the pain you experience; while the natural remedy not only treats the pain but it works towards repairing the damage joint.  Yes it’s probably more likely that you’ll notice relief from pain immediately when taking a pharmaceutical drug verses a natural more holistic remedy, but in the long-term you are much better off with the later.  Not to mention the long-term side effects of taking a pharmaceutical drug usually isn’t worth it.

What to look for in a natural remedy?

I suggest when selecting products for joint pain you look for specifically for a product such as a eggshell membrane.  In Genuine Health’s line there’s a product called including BiovaFlex® which is a potent form of research-proven eggshell membrane that relieves pain, decreases inflammation and helps to repair damaged tissue.  The eggshell membrane is also high in collagen.  You might have heard a lot about collagen recently.  Our bodies contain collagen- it makes up pretty much everything in our bodies.  We have the most collagen at birth and it slowly decreases as we age.  Taking supplements or consuming foods high in Vitamin C or organ meats all help to increase collagen and prevent or repair joint damage.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are also popular in the natural joint pain relief market.  They are naturally found in the cartilage of the bone.  However, there is mix research out there as to whether they are effective in relieving joint pain specifically that of osteoarthritis.  Genuine Health’s Fast Joint Pain+ does not contain either glucosamine or chondroitin.

Why natural products with turmeric are important.

I call products with turmeric “nature’s Advil” because they manage inflammation in the body.  Some culture’s, especially Asian, have been cooking with it for centuries.  Turmeric is the spice that gives curry it’s bright yellow colour but should not be mistaken as having the same as intense taste as curry.  If you already love cooking with turmeric and/or curry I suggest you continue to use them on a regular basis.  The main difference between consuming turmeric via food verses a supplement is the concentration.  The supplement form is usually quite a concentrated version.  You would have to eat a lot of turmeric to equal one pill of turmeric.  In Genuine Health’s Fast Joint Pain+ the turmeric is fermented making it even more readily absorbed by the body.

Putting Genuine Health’s fast jointcare+ with fermented turmeric to the test.

I receive this free product after attending a webinar earlier this year.  Reduced joint pain in as little as 5 days?  Sounds promising but I wanted to put it to the test.  Since I don’t have joint pain I handed it off to my mother-in-law who is currently experiencing a lot of joint discomfort in her one shoulder from a repetitive injury from the gym.  It something she has been living with for a while and even prevents her from having a goodnight’s sleep.

I gave her specific instructions: follow the directions on the package.  Take exactly what it says to take everyday for a month.  Let me know your honest thoughts even if you think the product is horrible.

Her comments:  I like the idea that it contains turmeric because it know it’s good for me and I have a hard time adding it to foods in the summer.  The pills were easy to swallow and I only had to remember to take two a day.  I wasn’t sure if it was working at first.  I thought it was but then I was also wondering if I had convinced myself.  But yes after 5 days I did notice a that the pain decreased.  I continued to take the product as per the instructions and after a month my shoulder pain has definitely decreased.

Credit: Genuine Health photo