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Well it’s December 26, 2021 when I’m writing this and Christmas came and we ate!  Or if you are like me you’ve been enjoying homemade bake goods since the beginning of the month.  Which is why I’m putting together this blog post on the three simple things I do to get back on track after Christmas.  I’m also being bold by sharing an unfiltered photo of myself on a walk around my neighbourhood Christmas Eve morning – this is real life… this is what I look like 99% of the time.

What has changed over the years is that I use to be really guilty every time I ate sweets over the holidays.  I come from a family who loves to eat.  My dad is an amazing cook and the way he shows is love is by making us the most delicious creations in the kitchen.  I remember a few Christmas I would run on the treadmill before company came over.  That’s how nuts I was.

The thing is overindulging over the holidays isn’t going to kill anyone… it’s if the pattern continues into the new year… which is tough if highly addictive sugar is involved.

Here’s some simple things I’ve done in the last 24 hours to break the pattern and get myself back on track.

  • I got rid of that bloated overstuffed feeling by taking a digestive enzyme before bed and first thing in the morning.  Did you know as we get older our bodies lose these precious enzymes which is why we get so gassy and uncomfortable after big meals?  These are my must-haves.
  • I start the day with lemon and water which helps to activate my bowels naturally and get things going… if you know what I mean. 😉😉  It also gently detoxifies my liver.
  • Walking is a gal’s best friends for two reasons – it removes me from the scene of the crime and redirects me from mindless ending and two, moving my body helps to return my blood sugar back to normal faster.

Of course get rid of the delicious junk I cannot stop thinking about is another great idea.  Because I was raised to waste food (starving kids in Africa mentality, anyone?), I’ll remove it by either giving it away or freezing.

There you go – here are my three simple ways to get back on track and break that cycle.  And if ditching sugar is your goal for 2022 let me help you with a strategy by joining my free community Facebook group Bye Bye Cravings.  See you there!