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I have to say – I’m pretty excited to be allowed to run in person class again as of Monday January 31st.  I will still be teaching our Wednesday Chair Yoga regularly virtually and I wanted to share that we’ve added another virtual Seniors Yoga Level 1 class for this Monday January 31st. It will be the last one as we “pivot” back to in person.
There’s no downward facing dogs to be had in this gentle class. Downward facing dogs are not ideal for every body especially if you’re been inactive for a while OR you have sensitivities in your shoulders, wrists and elbows. It doesn’t mean they aren’t possible – we just gotta work up to it.
All poses in this class can be modified to using a chair.
Some of the benefits of including gentle yoga into your daily routines is that is decreases your changes of falling and losing your independence early because we’re working on balance and coordination. Breathing and stretching help release any build up tension in our bodies – let’s face it we can all use that lately.
To register, following the link below to the Town’s website and scroll down to “Seniors Yoga Level 1 – virtual”.