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I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favour products on the market that is brewed right here in Oakville.  Sounds like I’m going to talk about beer but no, I’m talking about Cathy’s Kombucha.  We love it so much in this house that we buy this stuff by the case.

A glass of kombucha a day keeps the doctor away?

So what exactly is kombucha?  It’s a fermented tea drink dating back to ancient times.  It was believed to be the the tea of the immortelle.

Fermentation is great for your gut which is really popular these days.  Good gut health = good overall health.  It was recently discovered that 70% of your immune system is in your gut.  Fermentation provides good bacteria.  The more good bacteria you have the stronger your immune system.  It also might beneficial for improving constipation and giving you glowing skin (which is a reflection of your gut health).

There’s no doubt that kombucha has a multiple health benefits but I love it because it satisfies my sweet tooth.  It also satisfies any occasional alcohol cravings I might have.  Remember beer and wine are both fermented like kombucha.

Why my family loves Cathy’s Kombucha:

1.  It’s brewed in small batches right here in Oakville so you are supporting a local business

2.  It’s family run business so you are supporting a family, not a corporation.  Have you heard the phrase when you a support a local business the owner does a happy dance whenever you make a purchase?  It’s totally true – I get really excited every time someone signs up for either my fitness or yoga classes.

3.  We love the story behind the product.  The owner Cathy first stumbled on kombucha while in a monastery in the Quebec region.  She was looking to speak to the priest after her father diagnosed with bladder cancer and given months to live.  A nun had given her a glass of kombucha while she waited and was told that this magical drink was good for everything including cancer.

Cathy went home to brew this special drink and give it to her father.  She’s not claiming that it’s a cure for cancer but it drastically improved her father’s quality of life and gave him years, not months.  You can read more about this amazing story straight from their website.

If you don’t live in Oakville you can still grab yourself a bottle of Cathy’s Kombucha.  They are often found sampling in farmers markets across the GTA (greater Toronto area) including St. Jacob’s and the Niagara region.