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You’re invited to our Fall Wellness Workshop at Maple Grove United Church!

Last April we hosted our first ever wellness workshop at Maple Grove United Church here in Oakville.  I had invited my friend Tara Galeazza to come educate and share her love for essential oils.  I have been using the products for a few years and are loving them.  Doterra is more than an essential oils company, it’s a lifestyle movement.  We had such a great turnout for our spring workshop so I thought I would do it again.

Tara is returning again and will continue to provide us with a wealth of knowledge.  I invited my new friend Linda to join us as well.  Linda is a senior consultant with the growing clean makeup and skin care line Beautycounter.  I have not tried out these products yet but they have been on my radar for a year so I’m excited to learn more.

Tara Galeazza – Doterra Essential Oils

Tara is an essential oil educator and wellness advocate with Doterra – the fastest growing essential oil company in North America.

As a busy mom of three young girls, she was first drawn to Doterra four years ago when looking for a more natural alternative to help her newborn daughter.

Impressed with the effectiveness of their products she knew she had to share and educate others.

This workshop is for you especially if you purchased essential oils in the spring and aren’t using them on a regularly basis yet.

Linda Hooker Lock – Beautycounter

Linda is senior consultant with Beautycounter, which is a skin care and makeup line free of all the harsh chemicals.

She loves that their products are both safe AND high-performing and has seen a noticeable improvement in my skin.

She was drawn to Beautycounter because their products are safe for the whole family.  She’s a mom to three busy kids who all play rep hockey and doesn’t need to worry about what they are putting on their skin.

Linda is also the daughter of Marilyn from our TBW classes!

This is a FREE event!

It will be hosted in the Friendship Room (same room as classes) at Maple Grove United Church.

All current and past fitness and yoga students are welcome to attend.  If you have a friend or family member you think that would interested in join us please let me know.  The more, the merrier.

This is workshop is for anyone who is curious about learning more cleaner health and beauty products.  Although there is opportunity to purchase products, you are absolutely not obligated to.

Please RSVP by Wednesday October 2 to [email protected] or Leah in person.

Hope to see you there!