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At the end of the Fall in 2018 the owners of Frootogo apple orchard in Waterdown, Ontario announced via their website and social media that they would be closing their doors for good.  I was devastated.  We had just gone a few weeks prior on my son’s 2nd birthday and he loved picking apples (it’s one of his favourite foods to eat).  My daughter who was eight months at the time enjoyed sinking her teething teeth into one of their juicy apples.

We had been visiting Frootogo since my husband and I first started dating almost a decade ago.  It had become our go-to fall activity.

Apparently I wasn’t alone.  There was such a huge public outcry that the family decided to open their doors again in 2019 but focusing on their homemades soups and baked goods.  Frootogo now operates under the name Souptogo since it will be moving their operations away from the apple orchard and towards their kitchen and bakery.  Lucky for us Souptogo kept a few rows of their apple orchard for picking.  We were able to pick Zesters and Honey Crisps this year.

Why we love the all new Souptogo:

  1.  It still has it’s apple orchard – although small but in the two visits when did on the weekend it wasn’t very crowded.  Perfect if you are taking small kids with you.  Plus they have a large supply of wagons that are large enough to pull both your kids and apples in.

2.  The outdoor playground for the kids to play in is reasonably priced at $3.50/person with the second adult free.  It’s ideal for smaller kids.  To confirm current pricing before you visit please check here.

3.  The delicious bakery and farmers market.  Must try is the apple crisp.  Quite possibly one of the best ones I’ve ever tasted not to mention it was still warm out of the oven.

4.  It’s not too far from Oakville.  It took us about 20 minutes to get there from north east Oakville.  It’s also on our way to our trailer which is a bonus.

5.  They have a large pumpkin patch for pick-your-own pumpkins which is great for photo ops.  There also a wonderful selection of already picked pumpkins in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours.