I wanted to give you guys a behind the scenes look at seniors fitness classes at Maple Grove United Church.  We just wrapped up our 2018-2019 year (classes run from September to June) and we go on the hiatus over the summer.  With the exception of the Chair Yoga class which is running this summer.

Highlights from this past year include:

The addition of chair yoga.

Adding a new class to our roster!  The addition of Chair Yoga Wednesday mornings from 10:30-11:30.  Thank you Claire for not only the suggestion but spreading the word to your friends.  Claire and I met back in the fall after she attended Gentle Bodies yoga (a mat based class).  She said she enjoyed the class but was a looking for a chair yoga because she wasn’t a fan of sitting on the floor.  I get this feedback frequently which is why our cool down portion in our fitness classes is done on a chair, not a mat.

Maple Grove seniors fitness Christmas party.

We hosted our first ever seniors fitness class Christmas party on December 19th.  Beverly and I were so excited about this one and I couldn’t have pulled it all off without her help.  It something we wanted to do for a while and since a lot of the ladies know each other already so it’s a great way to bring everyone together.

Free spring workshop event.

I also hosted a spring workshop: Intro to Essential Oils and invited my friend Tara who’s an essential oils education to come in and share.  I have been using essential oils for a couple of years now and loving them but I had no idea how to use them (I thought of them as pretty smells).  I frequently diffuse them in our yoga classes and a lot of students found it helped them to relax and get deeper into their practice.  I’m hoping to have Tara back for another class in the future.

New students always welcomed.

Lots of new faces!  I’m oh so grateful for this one!  Last summer Beverly put out posters around Oakville to advertise the seniors fitness classes at Maple Grove United Church.  I only got a couple of inquiries which is what I expected.  Hands down the best way we have drawn in more people through word of mouth.  I’m sure that’s no surprise hear that.  With the edition of the Chair Yoga class brought in a bunch of new faces and we still get a few new ones each year attending the seniors fitness classes.

See you in September ladies!  First class starts Wednesday September 3rd.  For more info on these class you can click here or contact me at Leah@HealthyFinish.ca.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!