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I wanted to share some SHOCKING things I learned this week about the BMI chart – body mass index. Are you using it as a guideline for healthy weight?
You might have seen this referenced in fancy scales and maybe at your doctor’s office. I know Nintendo Wii Fit had used it when creating avatars. Even life insurance companies were using this model to evaluate health.
I’ll start by saying I was never a fan while probably because I was always considered “overweight” even when I was fitting into size 5 clothing. I knew something was off.
Here’s some SHOCKING things revealed:
  1. 47% of people who are labelled as overweight according to BMI are metabolically healthy.
  2. It was developed by a Belgium man mathematician – not a doctor or even in the health field – almost 200 years ago!!!
  3. He took into account various body weights of WHITE MALES only. Which means it didn’t take into account gender or ethnicity.
This article goes into greater detail here.
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