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Chatting natural allergy relief with the lovely Annette Hamm on CHCH Morning Live.  This was the second time going on CHCH Morning Live this year and I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity. It will definitely go down as one of my highlights of 2019. ???

I couldn’t sleep the night before – I was terrified my alarm (both of them) wouldn’t go off to make it downtown Hamilton for 6:30am.  Honestly though I’m a morning person but being a mom of two toddlers my wake up time can be unpredictable.  But of course everything worked out and I made there with time to spare.

Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians have seasonal allergies???  In southern Ontario starts early spring April/May and goes until the first frost which can go until late October.  We are about to head into ragweed season.

Watch the segment here

Who might be interested in taking natural remedy?

People who have been taking pharma for years but aren’t finding them as effective as they use to be.

Looking to save money – everything on this table is under $20.  Many of them you take as need rather than for weeks leading up to the season.

They are all non-drowsy which can be a side effect of taking a pharma.

A quick summary of the four minute segment on natural allergy relief:

I shared with the viewers what foods to consume that are natural antihistamines specifically quercetin and vitamin C.  My favourite natural remedies on the market – I name several so you have to watch the clip.  They are all from Canadian companies and are under $20.  Plus I gave the viewers another reason to have a glass of wine.

Other natural allergy relief tips that were not featured in the segment because we ran out of time:

Pollens are in the air all around us.  They peak in the morning at dawn and once again at dusk.  You want to be especially cautious on humid days and windy days.  Best time to go outside is right after it rains because the air is clear.  And if you aren’t too sure check out the pollen report which can usually be found with the weather.

We bring pollens into our homes after being outside for periods of time. They attach to our clothing, hair and our pets, which can all transfer to our furniture, etc.  Change your clothing and wash your hair frequently. We also forget that pollens can enter through our eyes so careful not to rub itchy eyes. Ideally wear sunglasses to block them entering.

Some of the products featured:  Natural Factors, SISU Vitamins, Homeocan, A. Vogel, Kacaba Vineyards

To see my first ever appearance on CHCH Morning Live click here.